When Sean was 16 we were looking for volunteer opportunities for him.  This was a requirement of the UCLA Pathways College Program for adults with disabilities.  The DSA of Orange County hosts a Breakfast with Santa every year for parents to bring their children to visit Santa in a less stressful environment.  Sean being a big fan of Santa  took to the idea and after we found appropriate attire he became Santa’s Helper.  This year was his 4th year to volunteer and he now has his job down pat.  He helps distract the babies so they are looking AT the camera and not Santa, Poses with Santa for the photos and passes out Candy Canes for the kids.  If I had any doubts as to whether he still believes or not, they were quashed as we departed.  Santa was thanking Sean for helping him out and Sean pointed both fingers at Santa, like shooting a pistol and said, “You’re welcome Santa, and don’t forget–A Guitar!”  Glad I heard that!

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