As Sean explores the new things available to him as a 21 year old adult, we are enjoying the discovery as well.  Sean doesn’t really like beer, but he orders a beer at a restaurant because he wants to show his ID to the waiter.  He orders O’Douls—because Dad told him that was the best beer to order.  There are accommodations in every area of life.  Margaritas come best as Virgin, that’s what Mom told him.  So while Sean orders the (non)alcoholic beverages, and takes one or two sips and drinks his water to the bottom of the glass he is an adult.

Saturday night we attended a Casino Night Fund Raiser.  Sean learned to play craps, with play money. He was on a roll until we heard the words “Seven-Out.”  He lost the play-money and learned that age old lesson of ‘easy come, easy go.’  But Blackjack was another story.

Sean and Mom went to a casino over the holidays (note there are no casino’s near our home or we would have never done this) Sean sat in the last seat and Mom took the only other available seat on the table 4 spots before Sean’s.  One of those Angels were revealed and the man sitting next to Sean advised him on each hand whether to stand or draw another card.  The Angel kept being dealt Blackjack hands—and I am certain that was no coincidence.  Sean learned how to ‘Double-Down’ but didn’t learn the ten and eleven rule very well.  The dealer dealt Sean a 16 and had a 4 showing. Before anyone realized, or could stop him, Sean Double-Downed!  The dealer was laughing so hard his whole body was shaking. He called the Pit Boss over, “Got a double-down on a hard 16.” Then he flipped the card—a 5! Sean had 21! The whole table cheered, the Pit Boss shook his head, “I would have never believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself.” 

Sean went on to double down on silly hands, and bet too big on losing hands. We walked away from the table, I was up a few hundred, and he was empty-handed.  He said, “That was fun, give me my $40 back now.” 

I laughed, “No, you lost it all, that’s the way it goes. But you got a couple of hours of entertainment for the money.”

Sean was a bit miffed at me, “But you won, you have more money.”

And the life lesson, “Yes, that’s my money, not yours.”

Sean has decided that Casino Night fundraisers with play money are much more fun than losing the real deal.  So another Adventure in Independence with the lesson being learned by the experience.

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