Ok…the book hasn’t even been out for a week yet, but I am getting a few emails and posts on Facebook that are making me breathe easier.  By writing a book, you really put yourself out there. It’s a risk…will people like it? Will they learn from it? Will they be entertained?  It should take another three or more weeks for some people to actually read the whole 336 pages, but I wanted to share what I’ve gotten so far…and it’s making my day!  I want to thank everyone for their feedback and I can’t wait to hear more!


Loving it so far!!!  Your optimistic attitude is very similar to mine, so refreshing to read. 

After fighting so hard the last few years sometimes I begin to doubt myself if I am doing the right thing. 

Reading your book so far is giving me the injection of “I am doing the right thing, and keep at it” I needed. 

Regarding the IEP, I like that part, helps me understand and not feel alone. I read what some our kids what

DS can do and feel like Joe is so far behind and should be in self contained.  Then I watch him with other

kids and blending in and I know it is more important to be able to function in society than read and write at age 5! 

Oh and love the quotes too!!

                                                –Santa Carey

I dove right into the IEP for 6th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is real.  It is totally awesome.  I can’t get enough.

I love everything about it.  I read and re read everything. I don’t want to miss one word!


I bought your book over the weekend and I’m loving it! Than you for sharing your story. My little guy starts preschool in two weeks. The parts about Sean’s haircuts and finger chewing made me laugh so hard I was crying.  My son is the same way and it was nice to not feel alone.

                                    —Melissa Skiffen


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