Sean and I will be presenting at the Care and Kindness Conference in Mission Viejo, California on February 8th.  We will have books for sale and will both be signing them!  Many fabulous speakers, we are honored to be presenting at the same conference with them!  Details at

Our Presentation:  Sean McElwee was born with Down syndrome and entered his neighborhood school as a fully included kindergarten student with the supports, accommodations and modifications he needed to be successful.  He was included in all aspects of his elementary school; learned to read, exceled in math, performed in Talent Shows and most of all made many friends.  Sandra and Sean will share the story of pioneering his inclusion with the result of transforming an entire elementary school from segregated special day classes to all students with disabilities becoming included in regular education classes.  Sandra Authored the Book, “Who’s The Slow Learner? A Chronicle of Inclusion and Exclusion” the first book to follow a student with special educational needs’ educational journey from preschool through high school graduation.  Sean is now 20 years old, lives independently in Laguna Beach attends a Transition Program and takes classes at Saddleback  College

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