About Sandra McElwee

Sandra McElwee has spent the last 29 years raising her son, Sean, who has Down syndrome, to live a Self-Determined Life. He transitioned to the Self-Determination Program and she administrates his program. She has received above and beyond the required training to perform your Person-Centered Plan. As of March 2023 she has supported 125 Consumers to enter the Self-Determination Program. She supports Sean’s T-shirt business; seanese.com, with the title “Chief Dream Facilitator.”   She is a keynote speaker speaking on Inclusive Education, Self-Determination and Supported Decision-Making. Authoring three books about Sean, she has also contributed to the books, “Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Our Lives,” and “You Will Dream New Dreams, Inspiring Personal Stories by Parents of Children with Disabilities.” One of Sean’s dreams was realized when he was cast on the Emmy Award Winning TV show, “Born this Way,” on A&E. Sandra and Sean’s father Rick were also featured on the show.  Married over twenty-nine years to Rick, they enjoy traveling and participating in Sean’s many activities.

Email: [email protected]

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Working exclusively with Families who have children or adults with Down syndrome.

Located in Orange County but can serve clients virtually in the following Regional Centers:  San Diego, Lanterman, Harbor, Orange County,  and San Gabriel Pomona.


Person Centered Planning and Independent Facilitator Training; Trainer: Sonni Charness of Guidelight Group

Liberty Plan/Person Centered Culture; Trainer: Beth Gallagher & Kirk Hinkleman of Life-Works.

Person-Centered Thinking; Trainers from Regional Center of Orange County

Independent Facilitator Training; Trainers from Regional Center of Orange County

HCBS/Person Centered Thinking Workshop: CHOICE; Trainers from Regional Center of East Los Angeles

State Council on Developmental Disabilities Self-Determination Program Independent Facilitator Training

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