Andrea Knauss and Elizabeth Martins, mother and sister to Anna Knauss have compiled the most uplifting stories from people with Down syndrome or their family members.

With a hard back binding and each short story accompanied by a beautiful color photo of the subject and an appropriate quote i appreciated it as a work or art before even beginning to read the text.

But after only reading 1/3rd of the book I became so impressed with the breadth of topics and the subjects themselves who could top the list of “Who’s Who with Down Syndrome,” many you will recognize immediately.

The stories inspire, bring hope, offer encouragement to new parents and truly educate on the possibilities for all people with Down syndrome.

Tim Harris’ father (of Tim’s Place Fame) Keith penned the Forward and a portion of all the proceeds from this book will be donated to “Tim’s Big Heart Foundation.”

Keith expresses the importance of sharing our stories, “to let the world know about the profound beauty that exists in the hearts and minds of families that have a child with Down syndrome.”

Each story is one page long, mirrored by a beautiful color photo of the subject of the story–and ranges from babies to older adults.

Contributors from 5 continents further demonstrates that people with Down syndrome can succeed in any culture. Each of The fifty-six stories takes a few minutes to read, Although I read many twice–not wanting to miss one bit of the message of “no limits” being conveyed.

Down syndrome awareness month is October and this book should be in the hands of every expectant parent as well as anyone who loves a person with Down syndrome.

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