By now you have probably heard that my son, Sean, the subject of all three of my books, is in the cast of the new television series titled “Born This Way” premiering on A&E Network on December 8th.

Sean enjoyed the filming and truly came alive in front of the camera. We were able to view the first episode yesterday and I believe this show will be a Game-Changer for people with Down syndrome and their families.

In “Born This Way” Sean and his friends candidly share their challenges, hopes and dreams with the world,  inspiring is too small of a word. You are going to laugh and cry.

I encourage you to notify not just your friends and family about this show, but all Educators, OB’s, Geneticists, and employers to watch too.  They will see adults with Down syndrome who are living their lives, defying society’s expectations and striving for independence and romance. Nobody can predict the life a person with Down syndrome will have when they are born, and I can assure you few parents have been prepared for their children to live their best life.

Born This Way

6 Episodes–Premier  December 8th 

A&E Network

For more information the website is

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